Music Composition // Sound Design // Performance
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‘Separator’ is a 42-minute collaborative audio-visual piece by sound composer Prism House and visual artist Matt O'Hare

Utilizing chopped and manipulated audio, computer graphics, and video, ‘Separator’ is broken down into fifteen continuous movements of audio-visual interplay. The artists' intention is to realize a fragmented environment that moves between moments of extreme dissonance and harmony. ‘Separator’ heavily utilizes Internet-ripped video and audio content and is inspired by cyber-punk aesthetics.

‘Separator’ is intended to be experienced as a quad multi-channel sound piece with single source projection, but can be adapted to work for a variety of performance or gallery settings.

Past Screenings and Performances

October 3 - 6, 2019 - Satellite Art Fair (Brooklyn, NY) - Looping single source video and stereo audio gallery exhibit

March 16, 2019 - Performance is Alive at SXSW (Austin, TX) - Multi-channel audio and single source projection performance

Prism House and Matt O’Hare performing at ‘Performance is Alive’ at SXSW in March of 2019


‘Separator’ Screenshots