Music Composition // Sound Design // Performance
Kaz Shirane III.png

Sony x Kaz Shirane



In May 2017 Prism House was commissioned to compose a multi-channel musical score for the installation piece ‘Evolve’ that debuted at Westwood Gallery in New York City (May 5-7).

‘Evolve’ is an immersive multimedia collaboration between Sony and the spatial interior artist Kaz Shirane, as well as additional production by Magnetic. The objective of the installation was to promote the launch of the BRAVIO OLED television through the creation of a fully immersive audio/visual experience utilizing the television.

Seven BRAVIO televisions were mounted and installed within the crystallized space and were used as a playback device for synced video and audio. One of the major goals of the sound composition was to create a piece that “moves around the room.” This required automating sounds to move between the seven televisions (14 audio channels) through creating seven unique stereo audio buss tracks (one per television). The final audio tracks were rendered into the video content for simultaneous playback throughout the entire space.