Music Composition // Sound Design // Performance
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The Creators Project



This live performance was a collaboration with visual artist Matt O’Hare for The Creators Project. The visuals were generated via a custom Max/MSP/Jitter patch created by O’Hare that allows him to quickly alter and move within a large video file. The patch is controlled via an M-Audio Trigger Finger MIDI controller. The sound was played back and edited within Ableton Live. The major sections of the track ‘Need You (Part I)’ were chopped up into small segments that could then be looped and re-arranged to allow for live remixing. Audio playback was controlled via the Akai APC 40 MIDI controller.

There was no syncing between the audio and video, everything was performed live. The goal for this performance was to give each member a level of freedom and flexibility while simultaneously striving for a cohesive overall performance.

Video direction by DJ Pangburn and post-production editing by Last Night On Earth.