Music Composition // Sound Design // Performance



‘Momentum’ is a full length album that was released digitally on September 8, 2017. The album was crafted by creating a series of long, evolving textural pad sounds that act as a soundbed for the compositions. The pad sounds were imported into Izotope Iris for processing and editing. The album also relies heavily on Internet-ripped found material, specifically ASMR and meditation video content.

The result is a collage-style work that is meditative but also brooding and dissonant. The goal of this record was to create slowly evolving compositional sequences with little regard for rhythm or structure.

Videos for the album were created by Matt O’Hare (Waiting, Solace in Silence) and Justine Durand (Steady).

‘Momentum’ garnered press from XLR8R, Dummy Mag, and PopGun Presents.

Album links: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music